My Policies

Symbolic, sentimental, and full of history; a piece of jewellery can be an important object for a person. But, as a commodity, it is not essential, it is a luxury good. Therefore, I cannot justify creating something with materials that have deeply harmful social, environmental, and economic impacts. Luxury good should not come at great cost to humans or the environment.

In spite of the the massive advantages of Fairtrade and Fairmined metals over unregulated supply chains, it is not an absolutely perfect system. For example, while a mine may provide fair wages to workers, they may not adhere to strict envronmental practices, for example. I work hard to research and source materials from mines and companies that I think best align with my values as a maker, and it is also up to consumers to try to understand where their jewellery comes from and how it is made. I make jewellery in limited edition batches or as one of a kind pieces, as pieces or art jewellery. Jewellery as a symbol of your values as well as your personal connection

I aim to create pieces that highlight and respect the materials and their provenance. The process of an art piece is just as important to me as the final product. Creating a traceable connection from the ground to the body.

Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold


Diamonds and Gemstones

Production and Process

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